Welcome to etc-tec

etc is a team of research architects and software engineers dedicated to change the rules of creative design using BIM and Generative Design.

etc develops tools which combines BIM with artificial intelligence to optimize any data provided by designers and constructors, freeing them from time-consuming tasks to work on the creative concepts instead.

They work towards a perfect symbiosis between the Architect intuitiveness and the computer mnemonic capacity…

G.algo phase I

G.algo saves time while exploring your ideas by reducing your model Level Of Geometry and increasing your model Level Of Information.

G.algo provides a schematic representation of a building geometry, space, and data from its components like walls, floors, and roofs without the need to draw them.

With G.algo you can: Mesure, Quantify, Validate the urban insertion of your project, Create functional diagrams, and Evaluate the energetic performance of your building, before it became over detailed.

G.algo phase II

BIM and Generative Design is now accessible to everyone in a single interface:

G.algo Generative Design is based on an artificial intelligence that works along with designers to optimize their ideas.

Our algorithm understands your architectural concept by the defined, variables constraints, and goals.

Then it generates hundreds of solutions, evaluate, and validate them.

And finally, you can navigate between those that are the best fits for the urban context and project goals like areas, costs, and energetic efficiency.