Co-fonder & CTO of etc-tec.

Throughout his studies and until he graduated in 2009, Amilcar took a special interest in digital tools and their impact in the creative process.

His master’s thesis, «Hypersurface: A morhogenesis process in architecture»
exploring the symbiosis between the architec and generative algorithms. The first algorithm he develops is for Grasshoper, and allows to study urban developments.
His thesis develops the original concept of the Expression Test Cycle creative process that is now applied to the etc tools.

In 2010, working for the SEED studio in Barcelona, Amilcar keeps on developping algorithms for Rhino & Grasshopper, now paying more interest to the energetic optimisation of archictectural concepts.

In Portugal, he starts the R&D Association Loop in 2011, focusing on experimental design. Loop provides training programs & consulting services, specialising in parametric studies to Universities and architects.

Amilcar gets involved with several architects teams in 2012, and start testing the etc methodology while further developping the parametric tools he started drafting. Working at AZC, he’s in charge of the international competitions – collaborating with AZC team will win several awards along the way ( 2012 – ARCHTRIUMPH – Bridge in Paris; 2013 – ARCHTRIUMPH, WOW – Museum of Architecture; 2013 – ARCHTRIUMPH – Summer Pavilion; 2013 – Architizer A+Awards.)

In 2014 he becames the head of the IT Research& Development department at Atelier Michel Remon where he encounters Clara Euler.

Meanwhile Amilcar decides to focus on Revit, the BIM methods that are increasly being used in agencies, and starts developping the etc suite for Revit. The first version of G.Algo from the etc suite is released in 2017 and Amilcar puts it to test in various competitions for Atelier Michel Rémon.

Satisfied with the obvious results : the production speed is greatly boosted. Amilcar and Clara co-founded etc-tec in january 2019.