G.Algo revolutionizes the conception of your feasability studies and lets you come up with a dozen of concepts in one day!

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G.Algo simplifies the production of your formal scheme and functional diagrams for architects, developers or any user looking for a simple & efficient solution to sketch on Revit.

Thanks to G.Algo, share small and schematic files with engineers and clients.
They contain all the data required for the study and evaluation of your ideas during the initial phases of the architectural conception.

Design with the G.Algo new category: a Building at LOD 100 with a schematic plan floor and 3D representation.

Customize the pre-existing Building family types to fit any kind of building typology, or add your own family type.

Use the G.Algo toolbar to easily create functional diagrams and automatically place or switch rooms in your building.

BIM and Generative Design are now accessible to everyone in a single interface: with G.Algo you can test your concept and generate hundreds of solutions in only a few minutes.

Parametrize your Building concept with geometrical variables and constraints.

Use G.Algo Generative Algorithme interface to generate and evaluate new variations of your concept.

Navigate between thousands of solutions generated by G.Algo Artificial intelligence and choose those that best fit your concept.

Fancy trying our Plugin? Book a live demo to try it!