Increase the productivity of the entire project team members and save a day of work each time you activate G.Plus.

G.Plus facilitate and speeds up the data swap between the architect, consultancy studies and economists. Analyze, manipulate and graphically represent all your model’s data in a few seconds.

With G.Plus, you will decrease the time spent on monotonous but mandatory tasks and increase the accuracy of your BIM data in a Revit model, helping to keep projects of all sizes and complexities on time and on budget.

Link a Revit schedule to an Excel File , and synchronize the data in a few clicks back and forth. You can use Excel to:

  • Edit Schedule data either instance or type parameter.
  • Create unplaced rooms, spaces, areas and sheets.
  • Add and remove Schedule fields.
  • Add New shared parameters to the Revit file and schedule.

Create color schemes for all categories of elements.

  • Easily identify the data of any kind of éléments by automatically applying a set of filters to a view template.
  • Create and apply color legends for the template filters.

Duplicate views:

  • Duplicate a set of views at once.
  • Customize the new set of views by assigning: displayed design Option, view template, view  phase and name.
  • Create ready-to-print view sets for the new set of views.

Forget about those tedious days of work spent creating marking plans, selling plans, phasing plans, or project’s variations with G.Plus is now a matter of a few clicks.